5 Tips + Tricks for Pushing Through Creative Blocks

5 Tips + Tricks for Pushing Through Creative Blocks


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I hope October and the beginning of fall is treating you well. I come to you today to talk about a subject I face a lot as a creator and that is art/creative blocks. Sometimes I have about a million creative ideas buzzing around my head at any given time and sometimes there's nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada. And let me tell you - it isn't fun. Most of my posts lately have been short and sweet and full of wallpapers but strap yourselves in - we're delving deep into my tips and tricks for overcoming creative blocks. 


1. Change Your Routine

As of right now I'm still trying to overcome a creative block and making very slow progress - and that's okay! One of the things I like to do is to break out of my routines. For example, I realized I'd been doing a lot of digital work lately on my iPad and nothing was coming out the way I wanted. Yes, it's fun to doodle but there's always a point where you reach a creative ceiling. So, I turned back to traditional mediums: watercolors, inking, markers, etc,. I'm by no means a professional in any of these mediums, and I haven't created any master pieces, but the whole point is to try and create something new with different materials. 

2. Understand You Have to Go at Your Own Pace

You may not break your block in a day, or a week, or even a month. Sometimes the harder we try to force something, the more we find it fighting us. I'll spend an hour or two painting leaves some days or thirty minutes sketching out figures. During my blocks, I usually take the time to study things like anatomy, new watercolor techniques, teaching myself something knew in Photoshop or InDesign, and so on. Take the time to experiment. Variety is key! Sometimes, you may have to just walk away from creating all together for a little while. It's important to rest the creative muscles.

3. Look For Inspiration Everywhere 

I'm a Pisces and draw a lot of my inspirations from my emotions and from the world around me. Music, movies, the time of year - all of these things drive my creative ideas. The holidays are a particularly creative time for me. There's something about the changing of the seasons, family gatherings, good food, cozy weather, festive pumpkins and Christmas tree scented candles that just fill me with happiness. Pinterest also plays a great role in providing reference photos and inspirations. I have multiple boards for color palettes, flowers, travel, etc,. 

4. Work On Things You're Passionate About

One of the things I've been working very hard at is creating art that is specifically for me.  Seeing as how I've moved, my new living space is still a little bare. In my art block I've decided to create prints that I don't sell with words and images that inspire or motivate me. Sometimes it's important to create things for oneself. Part of the great joy of being a creator is having the ability to work on and create things that are important and special to you. In that creative passion, new things can emerge.

5. Don't Get Yourself Down

It's so easy for creatives to point out the flaws in their own work. Doing this sometimes spirals us down the "I'm not good enough" rabbit hole which isn't true. Understand and accept that every time you put a pen to paper you won't create a masterpiece. Also, remember that it's all about expressions. Sometimes you just need to scribble angry lines. I know this better than anyway because I'm constantly putting myself down and I know it's a terrible habit. 

I loved getting to create little fall pieces for my work space. For materials I used Prima Watercolors, Strathmore watercolor paper, Copic Multiliners, and round brushes I found at Hobby Lobby.

I loved getting to create little fall pieces for my work space. For materials I used Prima Watercolors, Strathmore watercolor paper, Copic Multiliners, and round brushes I found at Hobby Lobby.

None of these tips are sure-fire ways to break blocks but they do seem to work for me. Remember, blocks don't always last and they aren't always pertinent to art. Photographers, designers, writers - we all suffer from it. It can be the most annoying thing in the world. However, sometimes our bodies and minds know us better than we do. Take a break, slow down, change things up, and look for inspiration in new places. You'd be surprised with what you find. 

If you have any tips for breaking artist block, leave them in the comments below!

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