Favorite Creative Resources - Digital Work

Favorite Creative Resources - Digital Work

Hello Everyone!

Today's blog post will be part of a two part series all about my favorite creative resources. We're going to focus on solely on all my tools and resources for my digital design work while next week's post will focus on all my favorite traditional tools and mediums. I receive a lot of questions about what tools I use and how I manage to run my own business so I thought it'd be best to create an extensive two part blog posts to help answer any questions. It's going to be a long one so let's get started! 


Let's talk about some of my staple tools when it comes to creating. 

Photo courtesy of Lauren Mancke via Unsplash

Photo courtesy of Lauren Mancke via Unsplash

1. Laptop

When you use a laptop or a desktop, a MacBook or a Dell, it doesn't really matter when you're starting out. Just use whatever you have! Currently I use my trusty dell laptop which I have hooked up to a larger external monitor. This makes designing and creating so much easier when I'm at home since I rarely take my laptop anywhere with me anymore. 

2. iPhone

I create a lot of my posts and edit a lot of my photos on my phone. This post will go into a lot more detail as to which apps and what tricks I use to create graphics and social media posts. 

3. iPad Pro + Apple Pencil

Alright - so this is totally not necessary. But I can't lie and tell you it's not great. As an illustrator/ creative, the iPad pro and Apple Pencil has been life changing. It's completely simplified and streamlined my work. So, while it isn't completely necessary in everyone's life, it is quite a handy tool to have. To find out more about the iPad Pro, click here


Now that you have the tools, let's talk about the apps I use to get the job done. 

Photo courtesy of Saulo Mohana via Unsplash

Photo courtesy of Saulo Mohana via Unsplash

1. Procreate

Without a doubt, Procreate is my most used app on my iPad pro. It's the drawing software I use to illustrate prints and wallpapers as well as practice and perfect my handlettering. Procreate comes with a variety of amazing built in brushes and presets but also has the capability of importing any brushes you might buy or create yourself. It's rather inexpensive and anyone that owns an iPad pro more than likely has it downloaded. 

2. Adobe Suite

Very recently, since I decided to venture into the world of design, I invested in the Adobe creative suite for my desktop. For $50 a month I get the entire collection of adobe apps. While I primarily use InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Premier Pro, it's worth the price to pay for the entire suite than to pay for each app individually. Additionally, if you have an Adobe ID you can receive access to a number of amazing, free apps for your iPhone and tablet. Adobe Spark (which you can use on your mobile or on your desktop) is my number one tool for creating graphics for my social media and it's completely free! Don't feel like you have to invest in the suite right off the bat. Test out the free apps they have to offer and see if you'd like to invest in the full package. 

3. Unsplash

Unsplash is a website full of amazing free high quality stock photography. While I'd love to take all the photos for my blog posts, sometimes I don't have the time or can't take the right photo. Unsplash makes finding the right photos so easy! Choose from thousands of different photos from creatives all over the world as well as upload your own. I'd honestly be pretty lost without this website. 

4. Preview

Preview is the photo editing app I use. Until I get the hang of Lightroom, I'll keep using this app. It comes with a bunch of filter packs that you can purchase for super cheap, as well as lay out and schedule your posts on Instagram! The app itself is free so I suggest giving it a try!

That's it! Those are the major apps and tools I use for the digital side of my business. I hope this helps some of you out and answers a few questions. If you still have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below! Also, let me know what apps and tools you use if you're a creative. 



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